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About HTNS

The Master of Global Logistics

Welcome to Hanaro TNS

Since its incorporation in 1999, Hanaro TNS has grown into a comprehensive logistics company providing 'One Stop Service' for logistics such as air, ocean import and export, transportation, storage, import and export customs clearance, special transportation, and logistics consulting under the management philosophy of "Creating Service for Customer Satisfaction," and we are constantly pursuing changes to contribute to improving our customers' logistics competitiveness in such a rapidly changing global environment.

Hanaro TNS is making every effort possible to provide its customized logistics services to our customers by securing various licenses related to logistics such as 'Acquisition of
4 AEO Certifications' for the first time in the domestic logistics industry based on many years of its logistics know-how.

Furthermore, based on our own next generation global logistics system (G1 System), we are providing even more accurate and quick logistics information to our customers, while operating 52 subsidiaries across 22 countries including China, Vietnam, Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, among other regions and maintaining
a global network through our strategic partnerships to provide the global logistics services to perfection.

Hanaro TNS aims to grow into a reliable logistics partner who can do anything that our customers want with the 'change and challenging spirit'. We thank you once again for your unwavering support and encouragement, and we promise to do our best to create a continuous logistics service by concentrating all our employees' capabilities.

Thank you.